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With over 15 years experience consulting businesses in the private and public sectors throughout Southeast Asia and internationally, New Genetics Global Limited (NGG) is more than well-equipped to handle the controversial and delicate needs of Agents, Intended Parents, Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors alike.

We operate as a Total In-House Management and Networking Solution handling every detail, no matter how large or minute. What differentiates us from others is that we make our infrastructure 100% available to our Network Partners. Moreover, we do so privately and transparently. Agents can resell our services as their own, and maintain all communications and dealings independently with their IP’s, SM’s, ED’s, chosen Clinics, Doctors, Providers, etc. SM’s and ED’s can login to our Systems and take full advantage of our online tools, which allow private communication via Messenger and Video Chat with their Agents and Providers. Our FREE and advanced technical infrastructure “handshakes” with all who participate, to create a total “Win-Win” arrangement!

We provide you with DIRECT access to our key groups and individuals, be it fertility clinics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, caretakers, nutritionists, legal firms, immigration, Intended Parents, Surrogates, Egg Donors, etc. Much of what we do happens directly in-house through our established company divisions, from our own lawyers to translators to visas and immigration experts and much more. For all of the medical aspects, we have ongoing relationships with the top hospitals, fertility clinics, doctors and specialists. We make our ENTIRE infrastructure and network readily available to you… for FREE!

Once you go to contract with NGG, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a comprehensive, organized professional company that has your very best interests in mind. We fully understand and comprehend that what we are dealing with here is not just a product or service, but rather, HUMAN LIFE! This is not to be taken lightly even for a single second. We look forward to showing you just how much we care; and want to earn your trust and good will just as much as we want to earn your business. This is what keeps our referrals going strong, insuring new business along with new families!

We Have Compiled Surrogacy Tools And Solutions Just For You.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Why waste time scouring Google for the best surrogacy providers in SEA? We have done it all for you already. Try our tools and solutions, and realize the difference!

Network Access

We give you full Online Access to our Network Providers.


Sell our surrogacy services as your own, and deal direct with your clients.

Video Chat

Private and Secure Video Chat for Agents, IP's, SM's and ED's.

Seamless Communication

Just login to our Private Video Chat Rooms and invite whoever you want to participate.

Expert Providers

We have already compiled the best surrogacy service providers in SEA for you.

Instant Access

Just login to our Platform privately and securely for immediate access to our full infrastructure.

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Agent Partners
Clinic Partners

Meet Our Directors

Josh Lam
Josh LamFounder / CEO
Josh Lam is the Founder and CEO of New Genetics Global Limited. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Las Vegas and currently working between Bangkok, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the USA, Josh is fluent in Thai, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. He has worked internationally as the Director of multiple business enterprises across Southeast Asia, China and the United States for more than 17 years. Josh has grown his current business venture, NGG to more than 50 employees.

Josh represents multinational corporate clients across a wide range of industries, including visa and immigration law, family law, nationality, citizenship, financial services, technology, retail, education and legal services, assisting them with the development of their policies and practices.

The constantly developing complexities and legalities surrounding surrogacy are a very sensitive subject. You need a firm and individual with in-depth knowledge and connections. Josh and NGG stand ready to assist!

Sue Lynn
Sue LynnHR Director
Sue Lynn coordinates long distance with our international patients to help them start their treatment cycle. She then works with them throughout their treatment and when they visit us here at our centers. Prior to joining us at ZenART, she worked in maternal child care and labor and delivery. She has 5 years of experience working in the IVF and Fertility arena, with additional in-depth knowledge surrounding ED and IVF clinical procedures, international travel, visa and cross-border legalities and much, much more.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

We Thrive Ourselves On Passion, Compassion & Determination.

Put together Passion, Compassion and Determination, and you have a winning forumla for Success in Conception!

We Are Passionate

Without Passion, it’s just another job. We are truly passionate in our desire to help create new families in this world!

We Are Compassionate

We are empathetic to your plight. We won’t treat you like just another customer, but rather one of our own family members!

We Are Determined

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” Well, let’s just say that we will pull all stops to help you realize your dreams!

We’re Here To Help You Start Your New Family!

Through Passion, Compassion & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!
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