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Cost of Hiring a Surrogate

If you are considering surrogacy as a means to start a family, you will want to create a budget that factors in the variable costs of the process.

Along with the surrogate mother cost and compensation, the basic surrogacy process budget should include fees for the surrogacy agency, psychological screening and monitoring, medical procedures and screenings for the intended parent and surrogate (and egg donor if needed), legal representation and proceedings, as well for the pregnancy, delivery and newborn(s).

There are a number of different factors that will affect the total cost of the gestational surrogacy process, such as whether you use your own or donated eggs, and the age of the eggs, which can affect how many times it takes for the surrogate mother to get pregnant.

Obviously, your costs will increase if the surrogate mother does not conceive on the first attempt because it means having to repeat the medical costs of an additional embryo implantation, along with potential travel costs for your surrogate.

If you run out of embryos and have to do another egg retrieval cycle your medical costs will be higher than using embryos remaining from the previous attempt. If you are working with an egg donor, then you will need to factor in her costs and compensation.

Which Program is Right for You?

Surrogacy with an Egg Donor

One of the key benefits of using an Egg Donor age 30 years or younger is enhancing your chance of success. A 2012 study from the Center for Disease Control on IVF success rates reports that over 56% of transfers using eggs from an egg donor younger than 35 years resulted in a live birth. This is compared to 37% for women aged 35-37, 28% for women 38-40, 16% for women 41-42, and 6% for women 43-44. Women 44 years or more had a 3% chance of achieving a live birth.

Some other important benefits of working with an egg donor include:

Ability to select characteristics, such as ethnicity, education, intelligence, physical attributes, and geographic location.

For experienced egg donors, statistics on previous donations, such as number of eggs retrieved, how many embryos created, and pregnancy and birth rates.

Anonymous egg donation provides a comfortable distance between the egg donor and the intended parent for many clients

Surrogacy with Your Own Eggs or with a Known Donor

Many people choose surrogacy because it allows them to have their own biological child. So, for those intended parents desiring to use their own eggs, or to use the eggs of a family member or friend, there are two key areas where you may save money.

  • Egg Donor compensation
  • Egg Donor Agency fee

In most cases, this is $15,000-$20,000 in savings. If you find it is important for your child to know the egg donor, having a known egg donor who is a friend or family member will often provide you with an ideal situation.

Now, it is important to note that in these scenarios, you may come across decreased chances of success the older the age of the eggs being used. So, money being saved by not using an egg donor from an agency may be spent in increased attempts at pregnancy.

How New Genetics Global Limited Helps You Save

The New Genetics Global Limited Program helps hundreds of intended parents each year become parents.

At New Genetics Global Limited our goal is to prepare you for the journey that lies ahead. Knowing and understanding the costs, and creating a budget at the beginning of your surrogacy process can help to reduce stress and delays later on.

We are dedicated to helping you start your family through surrogacy affordably. We do so by offering a range of pricing and financing options to benefit you.


Fixed-pricing even if you need additional surrogates or donors to complete your process. Includes surrogate and egg donor (if needed) contract drafting, representation for all parties, paternity finalization judgments, and family planning formulation package.

*Additional costs apply for non-NGG egg donors, and court fees for some states.


Fixed-pricing even if you need additional surrogates or donors to complete your process. Includes surrogate and egg donor evaluations, and psychological monitoring for your surrogate throughout the process.

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