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How it Works

Egg Donor Program Overview

With all the information out there about egg donation, it is important to keep it simple.

New Genetics Global Limited has performed thousands of egg donation cycles, and while each one is a unique experience for every participant, the process is not as complicated as you might think. We aim to guide you through the simple process in hopes of bridging the gap between what you already know and what you need to know to make an informed decision about egg donation.

What does it take to be an egg donor?

New Genetics Global Limited prides itself on having a wide range of women involved in our egg donation program. We prefer candidates who are creative, intelligent and charismatic along with being culturally and ethnically diverse. Candidates with exceptional drive and passion also stand out to us because New Genetics Global Limited to have donors that are highly sought after all over the world.

Figuring out whether or not you are eligible is as easy as taking a quick survey.

  1. Fill out a simple online survey.
  2. Once cleared, you will be asked to complete an application to help match you with a set of intended parents.
  3. You will be contacted to set up a phone consultation where you can ask questions and be better informed on the process.
  4. Sign documents, provide photos, ID and education verification.

The Egg Donation Process

Once the admissions process is complete, your profile will be placed on the New Genetics Global site for intended parents to browse through. Here is the process for becoming an egg donor.

  1. You are selected by Intended Parents (time varies).
  2. You will complete psychological and genetic screening (within 2 weeks of selection).
  3. You will complete medical screening (within 3-4 weeks of selection).
  4. You will complete any legal contracts necessary (within 4-6 weeks of selection).
  5. You will complete medical protocol and egg retrieval (within 3-4 months of selection).
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