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The NGG Value

Client service is our number one priority.

At New Genetics Global Limited, we make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals and couples, surrogates, donors and professionals to grow families through assisted reproduction.

Our program has been 100% successful for our clients in all the key areas that matter the most: legal, and surrogate matching.

In addition, we have an infrastructure that allows us to provide ongoing innovation, expertise, and support. Let’s take a look at how we help you to become a parent through surrogacy.

Surrogate Screening

From our beginning in 2012, we have fully screened every surrogate in our program before admitting them and matching them with our clients. The screenings include:

  • Full medical evaluation and testing (including drug and nicotine tests)
  • Psychological testing and evaluation
  • Criminal background history
  • Phone and in-person interview


Protecting our clients during the surrogacy process and ensuring that they are named the parents of their child is the primary goal of our legal team, and one they have delivered 100% of the time. The attorneys that NGG refers its clients to provide a full-service approach that will assist you with all legal needs related to surrogacy, parental orders, birth certificates, family planning documents and passports for international clients.


While we are committed to providing the highest level of human interaction, we are also committed to providing technology to make the process the most efficient for our clients.

  • Baby Steps: an educational guide full of articles about the surrogacy process.
  • Client Support Site: contains all the forms and information you’ll need during your surrogacy. It keeps you informed of current and future events related to your process.
  • Case Management: NGG’s customized case management system keeps track of every interaction between the participants in your process and gives our staff the tools to manage your case during each step of the process.


Our professional network is not only the most experienced team in the industry, but it also offers specific programs and pricing only available to New Genetics Global clients.

Fertility Specialists: our network of doctors all have in common high success rates, fair pricing and a great bedside manner.


At New Genetics Global Limited. staff of over 25 people is comprised of passionate individuals with incomparable expertise in the industry. Many members have direct connections to surrogacy. Some have been surrogates, some parents through surrogacy. Others have social work and psychological backgrounds.

We offer our services in English, Thai, Chinese and more.

NGG not only makes sure its staff is adequately trained, but also sufficiently inspired. Year-round professional development helps us to identify areas of improvement and to build upon the comprehensive structure already in existence.

At New Genetics Global Limited, we are more than a surrogacy agency. We are an experience.

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