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Most other IVF Clinics focus on just one thing… IVF Treatments! We offer a holistic approach, following principles of Zen. Our belief is that the mind is just as important as the body, and the technology available works best when all three are in perfect harmony.


Merit for Happiness

Happiness helps success, in life and in pregnancy

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Zen for Relaxation

Relaxation reduces stress, increasing fertility

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Yoga for Balance

Yoga gives balance in body and mind

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TotalHealth GeneInsight

All or our Programs are managed under the GeneInsight Suite

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Pre-Conceptual Screening

CarrierMap screens for over 250 genetic diseases

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Prenatal Screening – NIPTS

An early detection solution for unfavorable genetic risks

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Gene Testing

Valuable genetic information to help understand about your genetics

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Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell

A once-in-a-lifetime stem cell banking to help protect your children’s health

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Peripheral Blood Stem Cell

Preserve cells for potential future use in medical treatment

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