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Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell


Stem cells are the most powerful cells in the human body. Often called “master cells”, they stimulate the creation of other cells and are the building blocks of the body, making up and repairing all organs and tissues. Stem cells have the ability to renew themselves and develop into any of the 220 cell types that make up the human body. THAI StemLife collects and stores cells from the umbilical cord, which are known as hematopoietic (blood making) stem cells and are similar to stem cells from the bone marrow and peripheral blood but younger and considered to more easily become other cell types as well. The initial duty of these cells is to reproduce into red or white blood cells and platelets but recent research has also proved that Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC-blood vessel forming cells) and Mesenchymal Cells (bone-, cartilage, nerve, and muscle forming cells) are present in Umbilical Cord Blood and the possibilities become endless.



The blood in the umbilical cord of the newborn baby is a hugely important source of one type of adult stem cells called umbilical cord blood stem cells that can be used in medical treatments. This may be the only one chance a parent has to store the most valuable gift to your loved one!

Twenty-five states in the US have recently enacted state legislation on cord blood education following the Institute of Medicine guidelines that mandates/ encourages physicians to educate expectant parents about ALL forms of cord blood banking.



Blood in umbilical cord is rich in stem cells that are considered having more potential, being immunologically na”i”ve, and in a sterile environment.

It’s the easiest and most convenient way to collect, the process lasting only a few moments after birth without posing any risk and/or pain to neither the mother or baby.

No need for HLA matching as in donor stem cells risking rejections and lifelong immunosuppressive treatment.

It will always be a perfect match to the owner in the future in case of need.

Stem cells taken from the umbilical cord carry less risk of infectious diseases and immunological reactions such as tissue rejection even in cases of mismatch.

Collection costs and hospital stays are minimal compared to other forms of collection.


Your obstetrician will deliver the baby.

Pediatrician and nurse will take care of the newborn baby after delivery.

Your obstetrician will collect blood from umbilical cord after it has been cut and the baby has been delivered.


Thai Stemlife was granted the Top National Innovation Award of the Year 2006 by the National Innovation Agency under the Ministry of Science and Technology, for our work on “Diabetic Ulcer Treatment by using Patient’s Own Stem Cell”

ISO 15189:2012
Thai StemLife has been received the Accreditation of ISO 15189:2012, the quality assurance for Laboratories used for medical and public health purposes under the assurance of the Department of Medical Sciences, the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

ISO 15190:2003
Thai StemLife has also been granted the Accreditation of ISO 15190:2003 for meeting the requirements for safety practices 1n medical laboratories under the assurance of the Department of Medical Sciences. the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

ISO 90012001:
Thai StemLife has been awarded ISO 9001 :2008 accreditation. the international standard for operation and quality management systems of the organizat1on. which 1s verifiable and under the assurance of United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Ltd. ,URS

ISO 27001 2013
Thai StemLife has been accredited with ISO 27001 :2013, certifying on development process and information security management systems. which 1s assured by the United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai StemLife will prepare the stem cell collection kit for every mother who has agreed to collect stem cell with us. Don’t forget to carry the collection kit when you are heading to hospital to give birth and don’t forget to give it to your doctor or nurse at the delivery room. The process is quick, easy, and over in about 5 minutes after birth without any risk or pain to mother and baby.

The collected umbilical cord blood kept 1n the collection bag inside the collection kit in room temperature (15-25’C) will immediately be taken care by our attending nurse/logistics team that will deliver it in a temperature controlled container to the THAI Stemlife laboratory in the heart of Bangkok.

At Thai StemLife laboratory, each collected cord blood unit will be processed in personalized way using single separation kits by our fully automated SEPAX® system, used worldwide by more than 2/3 of public and private stem cell banks for its documented efficiency, efficacy, and unsurpassed standards in stem cell processing. SEPAX® is considered a measure of high QUALITY of a laboratory as it separates most stem cells and especially those of highest quality! As a closed system, it closely fits our worldwide published standards of negligible contamination. The processed sample will then be stored over-wrapped, in an FDA approved freezing bag and the temperature will gradually be lowered to -180°C in a Controlled Rate Freezer ahd subsequently stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen at -196°C in a real time temperature controlled cryogenic storage tank.

The Stem Life group (incl. THAI Stemlife) is SE Asia’s largest family stem cell bank with an extensive network of Hospitals and Doctors. THAI Stemlife recognizes the importance of stem cell research and excels in it through its research and development team that devises study protocols and participates with leading Hospitals in Thailand in research approved by the Thai Medical Council. THAI Stemlife is a member of the Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium (APCBBC) comprising all major private cord blood banks in Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim as well as Africa. THAI Stemlife is the only family stem cell bank that offers comprehensive stem cell collection and storage services from both cord blood and peripheral blood as well as genetic testing services. THAI Stemlife has associated branches and agencies in most ASEAN countries.


10 SAFETY and SECURITY pillars below:

  1. Entry to any of the premises is restricted by Finger Scan controls at all points.
  2. 24 hour CCTV monitoring at all premises.
  3. Sepax® is the latest and most advanced standard in automated closed system cord blood processing, ensuring that largest numbers of vital stem cells are separated minimizing contamination and mix ups through individual processing.
  4. THAI Stem Life possesses a Class 100 Clean Room similar to an operating theater ensuring sterile environment working conditions.
  5. Real time online monitoring of temperature in all storage tanks along with continuous monitoring of pressure, humidity, temperature, and oxygen in all areas of the laboratory ensuring a stable working and storing environment.
  6. Use of vapor phase liquid Nitrogen in our storage tanks ensures stable temperature conditions and is not dependent on electricity.
  7. Use of Double Alarm Systems in our storage tanks ensure early and immediate warning of incidents to responsible associates.
  8. Client data confidentiality is strictly controlled by our ISO/IEC 27001 :2005 accreditation.
  9. Contingency plans are in order to ensure immediate and adequate response to emergencies.
  10. Security and Police officers are in place 24/7 ensuring that human physical presence also guards the premises.


THAI Stem Life possesses a Class 100 Clean Room similar to an operating theater ensuring sterile environment working conditions.

THAI Stemlife is using Thermogenesis® FDA approved 4 segment freezing bag being the latest and most advanced standard in automated closed system cord blood processing contamination and mix ups are effectively wiped out.

Sepax® is the latest and most advanced standard in automated closed system cord blood processing, ensuring that largest numbers• of vital stem cells are separated minimizing contamination and mix ups through individual processing.

The cryogenically frozen sample will be permanently stored in liquid nitrogen vapor at -196°C inside our real time temperature controlled latest technology storage tanks.


THAI Stemlife is the only private stem cell bank in Thailand that has its own research and development team to study adult stem cell biology for the benefit of our customers.

THAI Stemlife was granted the Top Innovation Award in 2006 from National Innovation Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology for the study of patient’s own adult stem cells in diabetic ulcers. The research produced favorable results that have subsequently been replicated in numerous studies. We showed
an 86% healing rate and a 95% avoidance.

Ongoing research on ORTHOPEDIC APPLICATIONS by THAI Stemlife and the Police Hospital to evaluate different modes of treatment in 60 patients is already under­way and we hope to unravel the huge potential of own stem cells to alleviate severe symptoms. Our studies have been presented and/or published in peer reviewed journals both locally and internationally.

Real Life Experience

Only company in Thailand that actually has released cord blood stem cells (13 samples to date, cerebral palsy and blood diseases) and peripheral blood stem cells (numerous samples, 50 samples in diabetic ulcers, multiple sclerosis, blood diseases and early osteoarthritis in the frame of approved research protocols).

Special Benefits

Whenever the Depositor wishes to withdraw his/her child’s Stem Cell Unit for bone marrow transplantation treatment of the child or a tissue compatible biological sibling (compatibility tests not covered by Stemlife) as directed by an authorized specialist in blood diseases within 20 years for the day of the initial deposit of the umbilical cord blood stem cells, if the Stem Cell Unit after thawing shows viability loss in significant numbers and thus deemed by the above mentions specialist as unusable for the intended treatment, Stemlife will perform a free of charge peripheral blood stem cell harvesting (PBSC) for the Child (owner of cord blood stem cells/ Biological Sibling or a tissue compatible relative).· Within 20 years from the day of the initial deposit of the umbilical cord blood stem cells, Stemlife will, in the case of the Depositor needing to release his/her umbilical cord blood stem cells in order to use them in a treatment for a disease requiring an umbilical cord blood stem cell bone marrow transplantation for him or herself only, compensate such umbilical cord blood stem cell bone marrow transplantation treatment costs to an amount not exceeding one million bah! (according to a valid legal tax receipt from the involved institution/ hospital and after the completion of the treatment).


When you decide to collect your baby’s cord blood, please contact THAI Stemlife at 0-2022-7000 or our 24 hr hotline at 08-1340-7676 THAI Stemlife will provide a qualified representative to assist you.

After you have signed our contract, cord blood will provide a collection kit for you. You will need to inform your doctor of your decision to collect your baby’s cord blood.

When the expected moment arrives. don’t forget to bring the cord blood stem cell collection kit along with you to the Hospital and on your way there, don’t forget to call us at our hotline 08-3842-4569 to allow us coordinate in time that our nurse and logistics team meet you and your family there and take the collected cord blood with them back to the THAI Stem Life laboratory.

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